Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is world renown for its exceptional quality, rarity and of course…price. Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is grown in the “Blue Mountains” of Jamaica, which are located between Kingston and Port Antonio, in the eastern portion of the island. Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is grown along the hillsides in an altitude between 3,000 to 5,500 feet of elevation. It takes approximately 10 months for Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee to go from blooming to being harvested.

The Coffee Industry Board (CIB) of Jamaica sets very strict standards for the growing, harvesting and processing of this fine coffee.These standards regulate the supply of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. The CIB also regulates who exports this top shelf coffee. 

Jamaica produces approximately 4-5 million pounds of this coffee a year. As a point of reference, the Dominican Republic produces over approximately 110 million pounds of coffee yearly. 

Each and every single bean is hand-inspected, which ensures that Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is always of the finest quality. Citizens of Japan especially appreciate this fine coffee, which is why approximately 80% of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is exported to Japan solely. The United States receives approximately 5% of the total exports of this fine coffee. 

If  you do decide to purchase some for yourself or that special coffee connoisseur in your life,  consider yourself to be amongst very few who have had the luxury of enjoying a cup of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee!!!


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